Traer Public Library Foundation


The Traer Public Library Foundation was founded in 2000.  The foundation was created to raise funds for an addition to the current library as well as complete restoration of the existing building. 


Original Officers & Members:
President: Jared Bauch
Vice President: David McMillan
Secretary: Larry Hassman
Treasurer: Diane Panfil
Directors:  Ramona Snow, Sandy Whannel, Linda McDermott, Evelyn Powell
The Foundation remains in existence today with its purpose of supporting the Traer Public Library.  Gifts are tax deductible and may be directed to the library.
Current Officers:
President: Angie Jacobs
Vice President: Cecelia Harmsen
Secretary/Treasurer: Liz Bauch
Directors: Ramona Snow, Linda McDermott, Rosemary Vaughn, Sandy Whannel, Diane Panfil